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Puppy Training

Getting a puppy is hugely exciting. The relationship between man and dog is one of the most joyous, uncomplicated bonds in life. Welcoming a puppy into your home sets the stage for years of love, licks, cuddles and fun. But, many people completely underestimate the impact of a demanding baby on their house, their time and their patience.

There's no question that a puppy is hard work. Preparation is key - and it pays to start puppy training as soon that bundle of joy arrives in your life. A spot of professional guidance, to help you understand your puppies needs and read its behaviour, will ensure that your pup grows into a well-mannered, well-balanced and sociable dog.


Despite your best intentions, it's not uncommon to encounter some behavioural issues. This doesn't make you a bad owner, far from it! Some dogs just need a little bit of guidance. A professional to translate what a specific habit means - and advise on how to address and correct those behaviours - can be invaluable.

Our entire dog training is through positive reward. Dogs love to please - and they live in the moment, so immediate reward when they behave is a powerful and effective way to encourage good habits. It's not as simple as just praising everything they do though!

A well balanced dog is a happy dog and of course a happy owner. So whatever the problem, DogDaddies can help you find a positive solution through training, ensuring a stress-free and joyous environment for you all.

Puppy playing with ball - Dog Daddies Dog Walking, Luxury dog boarding and dog day care - Notting Hill